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Meet Trevor

Trevor is a technology founder and former pro hockey player ('05 NHL draft pick New York Rangers). His hockey career ended abruptly in his early 20's after a serious car accident on Toronto's 401 highway in 2011. He was directly hit by a fully-loaded 18-wheel transport truck causing the entire highway to be shut down for several hours. After attempts to airlift him to the local hospital, the medical staff realized he was paralyzed on the left side of his body. The neurologist warned his parents he will never be the same again. He was diagnosed with a 'catastrophic' brain injury and officially labeled with a permanent disability.

This moment was Trevor's darkest hour — where the youthful stresses of sports and school were replaced by the excruciating process of re learning how to walk, think and be self sufficient again. But this was only the beginning, not the end of Trevors story. One day at a time, Trevor began to change his mindset - to view his long odds at a full recovery as just another life obstacle like making the NHL. The intense, multi year was led by a team of occupational, speech language therapist along with his amazing team of doctors and nurses. And just a few years later - after thousands of hours of intense physical and cognitive rehabilitation as an inpatient - Trevor graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business; one of Canada's top business schools.

As Trevor started to get his groove back, he moved to China to start the next chapter of his life as a tech entrepreneur. Since then Trevor his established himself as one of Canada's top founders in the blockchain space founding several notable 9 and 10 figure business in both the private and public markets like Polymath,, First Carbon and Matador. Trevor also enjoys investing in his spare time as an angel investor as well as mentoring other founders and brain injury survivors. Outside of work Trevor enjoys competitive hobbies like Chess and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Companies Trevor has Founded

Trevor is excited about the convergence or private and public market crypto companies and tokens

The New York Rangers logo

A former professional hockey player

Hockey was Trevor's first love and job, with his career highlight being drafted by the New York Rangers in 2005.

While his path has changed, Trevor attributes much of his personal growth to his hockey career. Learning how to be part of a team, how to thrive in a ruthlessly competitive market, and learning how to fail forward have all paid enormous dividends in his professional and personal life after hockey.

Trevor Koverko in New York Rangers jersey

Trevor's Portfolio

Trevor considers himself more of a founder more than an investor but likes to invest in and mentor Web3 founders and has built a 9 figure portfolio over the years.

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Charity & Community

Trevor giving framework centres around causes close to him like faith, politics, and brain injury survivors.

Photos from Brynn Children Home

After Trevor's donation to Brynn Children Home, they sent some great photos of the children wearing a Polymath t-shirt with Trevor's image on the back.

Brynn Children Home group photoBrynn Children Home group photoBrynn Children Home group photoSmiling girl wearing Polymath t-shirtSmiling boy wearing Polymath t-shirtSmiling girl wearing Polymath t-shirtBrynn Children Home group photo with signSmiling boy wearing Polymath t-shirt

Latest from the blog

Learn more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Trevor's musings on these exciting and ever-evolving technologies.

Cryptocurrency trading screen on phone
Crypto 101

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a mode of monetary exchange, similar to the Canadian or U.S. dollar, but exists in digital form and uses encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds.

The world’s first decentralized currency (or cryptocurrency) surfaced in 2009 and a host of programmers soon joined in the collaborative effort to create bitcoin. With a value that initially began at $0 dollars, the value of all bitcoins in the world is currently worth over $500B USD according to CoinMarketCap

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